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Learning Disability Support in Solihull

Knightsbridge Care Services provides learning disability support services for adults and older people with a range of learning disabilities including; Autism, Challenging Behaviours, Dementia, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health Needs and Physical and Sensory disabilities. The work our carers do in their learning disability support work has a profound affect on the lives of the adults we support.
Carer and Patient - Learning Disability Support
After an initial assessment our fully trained staff can provide as much support as the individual needs. This can range from 1 hour per day to 24 hour care, with either 1 or 2 support staff depending on your requirements. Our carers can help the family make useful changes within the home to allow the individual to live more comfortably and independently. Our support staff appreciate some of the challenges facing people living with learning disabilities and the value they attach to living as independent a life as possible. Our experienced carers are used to supporting a range of individuals with learning disabilities in their homes.

Learning Disability Support

Our staff give emotional and practical support to other family members or carers that allows them to take a break from being the constant carer. The work our staff does has a profound effect on both the adults and their families and can be a preventative measure from placing the individual into a residential home.

Our learning disability support is tailored around the individuals, who each have a person centred plan which includes all of their likes, dislikes, needs, ambitions etc. Our carers can offer a great sense of companionship and provide support in pursuing hobbies and personal interests for the individual.
Our personal approach for our learning disability support means our staff take the time to listen to each individual, make an assessment and develop a support plan which focuses on improving daily life for all forms of learning disabilities
Some of the work our learning disability support includes;
  • Support people with cooking 
  • Maintain their home
  • Access their local community resources
  • Encourage the individual to persue hobbies 
  • Encourage the individual to undertake tasks independently
  • Take outings outside of the home
  • Take supported holidays
  • Attend to essential personal care needs
Our carers work with a range of disabilities including autism, mental health issues and dementia. Contact us on 0121 693 0181 to see how our carers can help you create a learning disability support plan to assist your specific requirements
We specialise in providing high quality learning disability support to vulnerable adults and our support carers are given specialist training in their area of work. We are currently on the preferred providers list for learning disability support in Birmingham and provide support to their service users. We also undertake private contracts with individuals that require our services through self funding or direct payments.